Summery cucumber salad<br/> in 5 minutes

Summery cucumber salad
in 5 minutes

This cucmber salad makes a refreshing side dish made in only five minutes.

for 4 people

1 Cucumber
300g soy curd / or use soy yoghurt instead
1 bundle of dill
lemon juice/ 5 TBSP white vinegar
salt, pepper
flaxseed oil (enrichened with DHA)

Wash and shred the cucumber. Mix in the soy curd, cut the dill and add it together with the lemon juice / vinegar. Finally stir in the flaxseed oil and add salt and pepper to taste.

Note: Especially for pregnant vegan women it is recommended to substitute plant-based DHA as the conversion rate from the essential Omega3-fatty-acid ALA to DHA in the body is minor. You can find DHA-enrichened flaxseed oil (from algae) in any well-assorted organic shop. It blends in perfectly with this recipe as the lemon juice might soften the strong flaxseed character and everything gets mixed up in the curd.

This recipe is the perfect match to the lentil-millet-patties


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