Oriental Veggie-Patties

Oriental Veggie-Patties

Today i want to share the recipe for these awesome, super tasty and quick veggie-patties oriental style. They’re done in about half an hour and just need four ingredients. The curry spice just matches perfectly with the sweetness of the plantain so you have a unique tasting patty to share with your family and friends. Here we go:


Ingredients for about 10 patties:

3 potatoes

3 carrots

1 plantain

1 cup oats

salt, pepper, curry

coconut oil



wash and clean the vegetables and boil them in a little water. Clear potatoes and plantain from skin and mash all veggies together in a bowl. You can use your hands or a fork to mix until smooth. Add the oats and a little of your cooking water to firm the mixture so it is not too stiff but not wet either. Then add the spices and stir again.

Heat a pan with the coconut oil and use a spoon to form the patties in any size you want. Fry them from both sides until they get a golden touch and enjoy with the whole family!


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