Looking for something new and child-friedly for dinner we created these Oatcakes. Full of healthy grains, nuts and seeds it is the perfect alternative for store-bought bread and makes a great bite fresh from the oven, still warm and eaten with your hands.

The Oatcakes are prepared pretty quickly (30 min.) and come along beautifully fluffy!

They have the perfect fit for kids hands, are prepared easily as a snack for kindergarden or office the next day and make the ideal match in case of voracious appetite during pregnancy or breastfeeding when you might need something (nutritious) real quick.

Unfortunately i did not write down the exact ingredients while doing the Oatcakes so this is the rule-of-thumb estimate for the ingredients:

Preparation time: 30min. (5 Min. Preparation, 25Min. Oven)

Ingredients: for three smaller kids or 15 Oatcakes

50g Oat flakes
25g Millet flakes
25g Coconut flour
25g Wheat bran
100g Coconut blossom syrup or your alternative
1 TBSP Cocoa powder
1 TSP Chia seeds
3 TBSP Poppyseed
1 TSP chopped walnuts
1 TBSP Buckwheat
2 TSP Baking powder
1 tip Seasalt
100ml Cocnut oil (melted)
ca. 200ml Water

Note: I would not use the wheat bran for babys and very small children as it is isolated dietary fibers and very hard to digest. Otherwise, it is a great ingredient to keep the iron content high.

The Oatcakes are also great for variations! As long as the general proportion of Flour/Oil/Water stays more or less the same you can really experimet with different seeds, nuts and grains and always combine something new.


Preheat oven to 180°C.

Mix all dry ingredients together one after another and slowly add the melted cconut oil. Finally pour in the water bit by bit and stir everything until you get a solid, sticky dough (should not be liquid).

Press the dough ca. 2cm high in a baking pan (apprx. 25cm) lined with baking paper and bake it for 25 minutes. The Oatcakes are ready when an appetizing smell fills the kitchen.

Turn the Oatcake upside down and cut into pieces while still warm.


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