Homemade granola

Homemade granola

Preparation time 30 minutes

This granola will help you keep your iron level up the healthy way, especially if you have a higher demand during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It also contains lots of healthy fats, vitamins and antioxidants. Anyhow you give yourself a good treat with this superdelicious breakfast.

for ca. 700g (enough for a week)

100g millet flakes
100g Oat flakes
50g Amaranth flakes
50g Quinoa flakes
25g Hemp seeds
25g Chia seeds
30g chopped almonds
30g chopped walnuts
30g chopped cashew nuts
35g coconut flakes

2TBSP coconut oil
5 TBSP Agave syrup or sugar alternative of your choice

30g Amaranth Pops
100g dried peach or apricot

Variation: You can easily adjust this basic recipe to your personal preference. Try it without glutenous grains, mix different seeds and nuts together or add a new flavor with spices such as cinnamon and vanilla. Always new. Always yours!

Mix all flakes, seeds and nuts together in a preheated pan and roast the mix for 5-10 minutes while stirring constantly. Make sure your pan does not get too hot for your mix to get burned (steam!). Everything is fine if your granola turns a little brownish in color and a beautiful roasting flavor radiates the kitchen.

Add the coconut oil and keep stirring constantly!
Pour in the agave syrup or alternative sweetener of your choice and mix everything one more time. Take the granola from the stove and add the Amaranth-Pops and dried fruits. Stir – store – Done!

TIP: Combine this iron-rich granola with sources of vitamin c (oranges, citrus fruits…) to boost your iron-incorporation. Avoid calcium-fortified plant based milk at the same time (blocking iron-incorporation).

Serving suggestion: The granola tastes magnificent with selfmade plant based milk and fresh fruits, juice and joghurt or however you prefer your cereal.

Info: Roasting helps to reduce secondary plant products such as phytic acid, which arrests nutrient uptake.

Nutritional value:
32g Iron / 4,5mg Iron per portion
62g Protein / 9g per portion
620g Calcium / 90g per portion
295µg Folic acid / 42µg per portion


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