Basic recipe Baby pulp „Potato-Veggies“

Basic recipe Baby pulp „Potato-Veggies“

If your baby likes pulp you can use this basic recipe and numerous variations for a lunch dish. The ingredients are measured off for 300ml. That’s approx. three meals depending on the age of your child. You might adjust the amount according to your needs or just keep leftovers cool or frozen for the next meal.

TIP: For the very beginners you might want to freeze the pulp by portions using ice cube trays. That allows you to defrost small amounts and not the whole meal in one. When defrosting consider time: the slowlier the better. Do not put the frozen pulp on the stove to heat up (and destroy precious vitamins) but defrost it in the fridge and slowly warm it in the waterbath. You dont have to boil the pulp again.

10 middle-sized potatoes

1 carrot
1/3 zucchini
2 TBSP yeast flakes
salt, pepper
1 TSP canola oil

Preparation time: ca. 30 minutes

Wash and boil the potatoes. Wash the carrot and the zucchini as well (or the veggies of your choice) and bring it to boil in 200ml of water. Peel the potatoes when soft and mix it together with the rest of the veggies into a soft pulp (You can experiment with the consistency of the pulp. Some babies like it thinner, some prefer pulp with pieces. Just mash it with a fork in this case). Add the yeast flakes and other spices if desired. Drizzle the oil directly before serving and quickly fold it in.

Note: Instead of carrot and zucchini you can use all kinds of other vegetables instead (e.g. pumpkin, sweet pepper, brokkoli, fennel…). If you own a powerful mixer you might want to try use these veggies (according to the choice) also raw.

Canola oil is a perfect fit to all baby meals as it posesses an ideal relation of Omega6- to Omega3-fatty-acids.


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