Basic potato salad

Basic potato salad

This is the ultimate quick recipe for a tasty potato salad which i assume is a favourite in any age group.

You can add stuff and pimp this recipe according to your taste. Create your own vision of a perfect potato salad and use this recipe as a basis.

for 4 people as a side dish

10 potatoes
50ml flaxseed oil + 100ml canola oil
50ml white vinegar
1 EL vegetable broth

Preparation time: ca 30min.


Boil the potatoes, peel them and cut them in bite-size pieces. Pour the oil and the vinegar over the potatoes and add vegetable broth and pepper to taste.

Allow to infuse.

Note: This tasty potato salad is the perfect dish for moms who (maybe a while after giving birth) want to loose a little weight. The cooking and cooling down of the potatoes lmakes the starch get resistant and therefore indigestable for the human body. In conclusion, you do not put on weight while the potatoes still sate you. No regrets. Enjoy!


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