Baby Porridge basic recipe

Baby Porridge basic recipe

For all Porridge-loving Babys and caring moms this is my basic Porridge recipe. You can play with the ingredients and add or exchange stuff according to your taste and to create more variety. I think there is no dish as flexible as Porridge.

What i also love about Porridge so much is that its done so quickly and yet contains so many important nutrients. Details on that you might want to check out at the bottom of the recipe.


for one soup plate (1-2 portions depending on age and appetite)

for the plant-based milk

2 TBSP cashews or nuts / seeds of your choice

1-2 dates if wanted

300ml water

for the porridge

3 TBSP oat flakes

3 TBSP millet flakes

(eventually more grains or seeds of your choice such as Amaranth, Buckwheat or Chia seeds. Just recalculate the amount of grains needed in total)

½ grated apple or other fruits as a side



sweetener of your choice or natural juice


Mix the water with the (soaked) Cashews (and dates) to a rich white creamy milk.

Heat it together with the flakes and bring it to boil. Quickly remove the porridge and let it simmer and swell for 10 minutes. Add a tip of salt and vanilla.

Mix the porridge together with the grated apple and 100ml of fruit juice (e.g. Orange or Mango) for a smoother consistency and a natural sweet taste. That also allows the porridge to cool down quicker so it can be eaten faster 🙂

Note: To make the perfect use of nutrients such as iron it is recommended to combine it with sources of vitamin C (fruits). You’ll kill two birds with one stone if you prepare grains with fruits. First for the utilization of nutrients, secondly as a natural sweetener and to avoid annoying waiting times for the porridge to cool down before getting eaten. Enjoy!

Nutrients by portion:

13g protein, 25,5mg calcium, 157,5mg magnesium, 4,49mg iron, 57µg folic acid

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