Hi there!

I am Rosa Katharina ‘happy vegan mom’ and vegan chef. Being vegan since 2007 the food topic just got more and more important during my pregnancy. Many of you might be feeling the same way.

To gain a deeper knowledge about nutrition and to grow stronger in my confidence I successfully completed a course on holistic nutrition counseling. At the same time I experienced a vegan pregnancy, vegan twin breastfeeding and a vegan complementary food phase.

My ambition as a ‘happy vegan mom’ is to celebrate the vegan way of life with fun and confidence and to be an inspiration for you on your own, individual way. I believe in a holistic approach to happiness which gives all topics relevance that improve your well-being as a mom and of your family. Be it health, babycare, work-life-balance, self-determination or parenthood.

Other topics of interest include food production, environmental issues and world sustenance. It’s all about feeling connected in order to act in a sustainable way and to live in harmony with nature.

Besides, a positive approach and the fun factor always has to be to the fore. Our diet is supposed to feel easy and give pleasure. Meals are meant to be tasty and not to cause quite a headache. That is also how you will find more easyness and enjoyment of life.

Become a ‘happy vegan mom’ now – I´ll be happy to get you going!